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fredomelogo_newOperation OASIS is backed by FREdome Visionary Trust

Our aims: To bring rain back to deserts, so the world can grow enough trees and crops to stabilise the climate and provide desperately-needed food, fuel, renewable materials and employment. Achieved by restoring forests on arid coastlines to move the thermal barrier, which currently prevents clouds and fog from moving onto land from the ocean, inland. The return ballast capacity of super tankers will be used to transport billions of tonnes of treated waste water, instead of sea water, for irrigation on return voyages.


PROJECT OASIS nominated for national environmental award

July 23, 2012

GooEFA Executive Forum Alumnid News! The FREdome Visionary Trust’s flagship project Operation OASIS has been nominated for a National Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice by the Archant Newspaper Group.  (The project was awarded the Best Green Communications Project in the group’s Herts Green Awards last November. )

Our project, Operation OASIS is ambitious  – we advocate desert reclamation by halting  soil erosion by planting trees on coastal zones.  Its a natural solution and the techniques promoted may be applied anywhere in the world.

Greg says:  ‘We are delighted that once again our efforts to involve ordinary people in important environmental projects have been recognised. We look forward to hearing the judges’ verdict in August. Another win would altspur on the efforts of our volunteers in promoting  tree planting to halt erosion in areas such as East Anglia where the our coastline is retreating at up to 12 metres a year! This is just the first step of a really exciting project to show that we could use trees coastal trees to bring rainfall to deserts, so that trees and crops could convert carbon emissions and waste into food and fuel on a global scale’

The National Green Apple awards are run by the The Green Organisation which is sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, the Environment Agency , the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management, SAVE Britain’s Heritage and The Ecology Building Society.

In 2011 the FREdome Visionary Trust and the Executive Forum Alumni of St Albans  joined forces to create a voluntary team to write a bid for one million Euro from the LIFE + Environmental Fund to support the aims of Operation OASIS in Spain.


East Anglia Coastal Erosion

East_Anglia_Scratby_042012 (10)
Happisburgh_April_2012_ (57)
East_Anglia_Scratby_042012 (3)
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Happisburgh_April_2012_ (55)
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Happisburgh_April_2012_ (49)
Happisburgh_Lighthouse_April2012 (1)
Happisburgh_April_2012_ (53)
Happisburgh_April_2012_ (50)
East_Anglia_Scratby_042012 (2)
Happisburgh_April_2012_ (51)
Happisburgh_April_2012_ (47)
Happisburgh_April_2012_ (44)
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Happisburgh_April_2012_ (45)
Happisburgh_April_2012_ (46)
East_Anglia_Scratby_042012 (8)
Happisburgh_April_2012_ (43)
Happisburgh_April_2012_ (52)
Happisburgh_April_2012_ (54)
East_Anglia_Scratby_042012 (9)
East_Anglia_Scratby_042012 (4)
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Happisburgh_April_2012_ (52)

Bryony Neirop Reading stares down the cliff from her garden footpath. All this brave lady wants is permission to defend her home against coastal erosion.



"Can Britannia still rule the waves?

Whilst New Zealand is using trees to defend its coastline, the UK Government has been advised to adopt a policy of managed retreat due to rising sea levels, which effectively abandons its coastal communities to the onslaught of coastal erosion. We have a feasible cost-effective plan for the immediate to long term...



New Zealand coastal erosion case study, August 2006. The Important Role of Trees in Combating Coastal Erosion, Wind and Salt Spray – A New Zealand Case Study Peter Berg, NZ Forestry Limited.

Read more...


Main aims of Operation OASIS


The Operation OASIS Logo shows the true extent of global deserts and desertification captured insode a raindrop. Today fertile land is being converted to desert at an unpresedented rate and we are already wittnessing global food shortages. Something has to be done now!


Operation OASIS is a plan to utilize the return ballast capacity of Bulk Crude Oil Carriers to treat and transport screened wastewater from Europe to the desert coastlines of countries affected by desert and desertification including, North and South Africa, Australia, USA, Middle East, Pakistan, China, Thailand


Objective: To create self sustaining coastal rainforests in deserts, working from the coast so that fog and rain can assist the operation by reducing the need for further irrigation, affording the project to move inland and along the coast.


Currently Thermal currents rise from dry sands along the coast of the Sahara and other arid deserts creating an effective thermal barrier that prevents the moisture that rises from the ocean during the day, from crossing onto the land to provide vegetation with sufficient water.

Operation OASIS Will prime the naturally occuring coastal atmospheric moisture with additional transpiration and evaporation from the coast, affording the cloud cover to cross onto the land more frequently by moving the thermal barrier inland.


Can trees and vegetation cause cloud formation?

Advisory Circular AC 00-6A published jointly by the FAA Flight Standards Service and the National Weather Service (NWS) is issued to Pilots and Flight Operations Personnel. The publication discusses “each aspect of weather as it relates to aircraft operation and flight safety”. It therefore contains well-verified, practical information. One section is devoted to assisting pilots to soar on the thermal air currents that rise from shore lines.


Figure 4 : Sea Breeze Soaring

This section states that “over arid regions” there is virtually no cloud: ”little or no cumulus development may be anticipated with a sea breeze front.”

Vegetation, however, does cause cloud formation: “Over vegetation, where air is usually moist, sea breeze cumulus are the rule.”

Where there is a large difference between land and sea temperatures, as there is at a hot desert coastline, then the moist air currents rise to great heights, forming towering cumulonimbus (storm clouds) and the on-shore breezes extend far inland:

“When convection is very deep, the frontal effect of a sea breeze may sometimes trigger cumulonimbus clouds provided the lifted air over land contains sufficient moisture.”

“A large difference in land and sea water temperature intensifies the convective cell generating a sea breeze. Where coastal waters are quite cool, such as along the California coast, and land temperatures warm rapidly in the daytime, the sea breeze becomes pronounced, penetrating perhaps 50 to 75 miles inland at times.”




Below is an image showing how low level clouds and fog banks hug the coastline of California. The same scenareo is evident on many arid coastlines and on occasions during a dry spell in the hot summer months  takes place in my home town Paignton in Devon. Take note of the forested area in the upper part of the photograph that shows how these fog banks are able to move inland over coastal forested areas, in particular the area where the coast is parted by an expanse of water ajoining an inland expanse of sea water.



The constant up well of warm humid air from the proposed irrigation pilot project will rapidly cool the local atmosphere and this will alter the pressure below the clouds, fog and mist drawing them in from the ocean onto newly forested land. As well as providing efficient storage of carbon emissions, Trees can be used for removing heavy metals from soils, release a constant stream of moisture into the atmosphere and are very effective at condensing airborne moisture in the leaves and returning the distilled water back to the soil.


The trees ability to harvest atmospheric moisture has been successfully copied for thousands of years using nets to catch the mist. Today using a simple mist and fog harvesting system in the form of plastic netting suspended to catch moisture and return it to small farming communities in Arizona, Lanzarote and many other areas with an inherent lack of potable water bring life to lands where rain seldom falls to growcrops and trees.

These same nets can be used to great effect on the innermost borders of Operation OASIS to assist in the irrigation of trees and also to provide potable water for workers and animals, effectively converting waste water into clean fresh water through recycling evaporation from the irrigated sites.


Image credit NASA


United Nations Global Compact Gives Operation OASIS the Thumbs Up!

alt by FREdome Visionary Trust

All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group meeting, 7 March 2012. Jubilee Room at Houses of Commons

Event hosted by FREdome Visionary Trust and sponsored by CCP Network

“OASIS recognises the barriers to growth as opportunities to redefine growth.”

Our second All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group meeting at the Houses of Commons on Wednesday 7 March delivered a significant opportunity to reach a global leadership platform!

Jessica Scholl of UN Global Compact speaking at the House of Commons

A high point of the night for the FREdome team was an offer of support for the OASIS reforestation project from Jessica Scholl, Programme Manager at the International Business Leaders’ Forum of UN Global Compact.

Speaking to over 75 assembled business leaders, Jessica said

“Aligning People Planet and Profit where Companies do more with less is Smart Growth. I would argue that Operation OASIS fits into this category. OASIS relies on innovation and the use of innovative technologies to find better ways to use our resources. OASIS recognises the barriers to growth as opportunities to redefine growth.”

Jessica went on to explain how the UN Global Compact could support our work at the U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development at the Rio + 20 Summit: She said

“We would be very happy to work with Operation OASIS on getting the word out there at the Corporate Sustainability forum, but they need engagement of other actors; Civil Society, Government departments and big business to come together to sponsor an event and we can talk more about this later.”

Andrew K Fletcher the originator of the OASIS solution said

“To hear Jessica stating that the UN Global Compact would be very happy to work with us on Operation OASIS was very exciting and her support will arouse great interest in our work now. But we need to not let the grass grow under our feet. We have a great deal more to do to make sure that this project grows firm roots in the UN agenda for sustainable growth. No time for thinking for one moment that we have done more than scratched the paint on many closed doors but it is a great start and more than I could have dreamed would happen at this momentous occasion. Well done FREdome. Now let’s turn all of those contacts we collected into actions.”

“I want to thank the other speakers for making this event the most exciting and productive one so far and a special thanks to Dr David Wilkinson for his presentation on Ascension Island.”

Operation OASIS is a global reforestation project designed to achieve climate stability.


The Climate Change Solution 7th March 2012 House of Commons











Operation OASIS wins Herts Green Award

Operation OASIS Winner of Herts Green Communications Prize

October 27, 2011

Great news. Our carbon cycling project Operation OASIS has won the 2011 Herts Green Award for a communications project. 

Our founder Greg Peachey accepted the award on behalf of the FREdome volunteer team at the ceremony at the Hertfordshire Green Exhibition, Knebworth Barns on October 25th.

Greg writes:

Just to let you know, FREdome &
Operation OASIS was a finalist in two categories of the Hertfordshire Green
Awards (Green Project & Green Communications) and we won the Green
Communications category!

Thank you, Suzanne, for writing our successful application! And, of course, thank you Andrew for the
brilliant project!”


BBC I.M.O. Invaders From The Sea: Shipping Ballast Water Transports Invasive Marine Species

Invaders From the Sea

A BBC Worldwide-IMO ProductionInvaders From the Sea" gives a unique insight into an important environmental issue: the transfer of harmful organisms in ships' ballast water. Filmed by the internationally renowned BBC Wildvision, this amazing story looks at how this phenomenon is affecting our coasts and millions of lives around the world and the measures taken by the global community to fight against these alien stowaways.

Globallast is a cooperative initiative of the Global Environment Facility, United Nations Development Programme and International Maritime Organization.

Operation OASIS eliminates this serious problem that only arises when ballast water is taken on board and returned back to the sea near a distant port,  by providing shipping with an environmentally sound and profitable land based solution that will help to resolve climate change and secure global food, fuel, timber resources, wildlife habitats for future generations. OASIS will provide shipping with new a paid return ballast, new connections to more sustainable future cargoes moving produce generated from relaiming arid land to market.

Operation OASIS involves transporting treated waste water, instead of seawater, from countries with excess, to arid desert coastlines to irrigate and plant new coastal forests and encourage agroforestry based practices which intrun will offset carbon emissions from shipping by locking away the excess carbon they prduce from burning fossil fuels into trees, fertile soil and crops. This action will restore the organic material in soils and bind the sand to improve fertility and most of all wat retention.

The knock on effect of this approach should generate increased rainfall in some of the dryest regions on earth.

Instead of depleating fish stocks and decimating coastal marine habitats OASIS offers a chance for us as a species to manage our environment sustainably.


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Positive News Release 13/02/12


Positive News Release 13/02/12





(Are we flushing our chances of recovery down the toilet?)


  • For thousands of years humanity has farmed the land and failed to stop the onset of desertification due to poor soil and irrigation water management.

  • Food and fuel prices are out of control as crops continue to fail and fossil fuels are being exhausted.

  • Drought and famine are becoming acceptable failures and millions of people are again staring death in the face.

  • Deserts are expanding and farmers are forced to migrate to cities; pollution is inevitable from our consume-and-dump-lifestyle.

  • Unemployment is rising and economies are teetering on the brink of economic meltdown.

  • Flash floods and forest fires are becoming all too familiar as uneven distribution of rainfall wreaks havoc. Erosion of top soil spills into rivers and pours into the ocean along with wastewater from our toilets.

  • If business as usual continues unchecked and these trends continue, our very survival is threatened and we are destined to go the way of the dinosaurs!

Read more...


FadeAfrica Meets Operation OASIS to resolve drought & famine Video

One small step for man, one giant leap for Mankind!

Part 1



Part 3

  FADE Africa partners with Operation OASIS
On Wednesday 25th May 2011 at the invitation of "Desert Warrior" Dr Newton Jibunoh, members of Operation OASIS met with members of Fight Against Desert Encroachment (FADE) Africa in Chelsea Crescent, London.
In attendance were Dr Newton Jibunoh, Ladan Duale, Akin Olukiran & Olumide Adisa -- FADE, Africa, Andrew K Fletcher -- Originator of Operation OASIS, Greg Peachey BSc -- Chair of The FREdome Visionary Trust and Craig Embleton BSc -- Founder of The Green Frontier.
Fight against Desert Encroachment (FADE Africa), accredited to the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development, is an international non-governmental environmental organisation founded by Dr Newton C. Jibunoh, a world-renowned environmentalist popularly known for driving across the Sahara Desert in 3 expeditions to raise awareness of the dire consequences of water, soil and land mismanagement. He is a soil engineer with great passion and commitment for finding viable solutions for every nation that is affected by deserts and desertification. He has witnessed over his lifetime the Sahara desert's insatiable advance that constantly devours farms and villages, forcing people to abandon their homelands and migrate to already overpopulated cities.
His words are poignant when echoed around all Earth Summits where he is invited to take the stand on Climate Change and his message to all concerned is clear: "Desertification is the primary cause of Climate Change!" . Resources:


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Operation OASIS is proud to have been accepted to participate in the United Nations Global Compact.

We fully support the Ten U.N. Principles: Human Rights, Labour, Environment,

and Anti-corruption


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