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Our aims: To bring rain back to deserts, so the world can grow enough trees and crops to stabilise the climate and provide desperately-needed food, fuel, renewable materials and employment. Achieved by restoring forests on arid coastlines to move the thermal barrier, which currently prevents clouds and fog from moving onto land from the ocean, inland. The return ballast capacity of super tankers will be used to transport billions of tonnes of treated waste water, instead of sea water, for irrigation on return voyages.

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Willie Smits restores a rainforest

Why you should listen to him:

Willie Smits works at the complicated intersection of humankind, the animal world and our green planet. In his early work as a forester in Indonesia, he came to a deep understanding of that triple relationship, as he watched the growing population of Sulawesi move into (or burn for fuel) forests that are home to the orangutan. These intelligent animals were being killed for food, traded as pets or simply failing to thrive as their forest home degraded.

Smits believes that to rebuild orangutan populations, we must first rebuild their forest habitat -- which means helping local people find options other than the short-term fix of harvesting forests to survive. His Masarang Foundation raises money and awareness to restore habitat forests around the world -- and to empower local people. In 2007, Masarang opened a palm-sugar factory that uses thermal energy to turn sugar palms (fast-growing trees that thrive in degraded soils) into sugar and even ethanol, returning cash and power to the community and, with luck, starting the cycle toward a better future for people, trees and orangs.

"This man has dedicated his life to saving the world, and for this he earns our deepest respect."

Jean Kern, Ode

Friends of Operation OASIS

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Who we are

The FREdome Visionary Trust is a publicly inaugurated community group, with an elected management committee and approved constitution.

The mission of the Trust is to make a better world for our children to inherit, by connecting the goodwill and good sense of caring people at grass-roots to what happens in society.

Greg Peachey BSc Chairman and Founder of FREdome
2   Link   Turn The Desert Green
The project is aimed to provide the ecological forces with help to secure their own living space, so that sandstorms and desertification do not destroy and spread. This projected ecosystem is to have an energy and resources consumption aimed at zero. No energy will be removed from the system, for example via harvesting, nor shall money be spent on for example pumping water to the surface.
3   Link   FADE Fight Against Desert Encroachment
Dr. Jibunoh is a dyed in the wool environmentalist, who made three successful journeys across the Sahara Desert by car. It is worthy to note, that the theme for Dr. Jibunoh's 3rd Expedition across the Sahara, was aptly named "Desertification is Global Warming".
4   Link   Richard St Barbe Baker (Men Of The Trees)
Originating in Kenya in 1922, the motto of the Men of the Trees is "Twahamwe," meaning "Pull Together," or "All As One."

He was an ecologist long before the term was commonly known. For several decades he taught: “The forest is a society of living things, the greatest of which is the tree.”

He was the Man of the Trees, an earth healer, a visionary who saw a future of international cooperation:

"I have the dream of the whole earth made green again, an earth healed and made whole through the efforts of children: children of all nations planting trees to express their special understanding of the earth as their home, children of all races holding hands, circling the earth, expressing and celebrating their special understanding of all children as their brothers and sisters."
5   Link   International Tree Foundation
Tackling the cycle of poverty and deforestation…

Acacia Tree“A world where trees and forests flourish and where their vital role in supporting life on earth is fully realised and valued.”
Our Mission

By planting, protecting and promoting trees in partnership with local communities we:

* conserve forests, trees, associated biodiversity and indigenous forestry knowledge
* alleviate poverty through sustainable use of forests & forest products
6   Link   Green Frontier
Craig Embleton is The Founder of Green Frontier.
To transform degraded environments into biodiverse ecosystems with thriving human settlements, while reducing atmospheric CO2 to pre-industrial levels.

A green and pleasant world where all life thrives.
7   Link   Sahara Desert to Forest Project
Give me two people, one with seeds in their hand, one with an axe.I bet the one with the seeds can plant 40 trees before the person with the axe can fell one, let alone ship and use the tree
8   Link   Cradle to Cradle Network
Carbon Cycling Manifesto Endorsed by: Prof Michael. Braungart, EPEA Internationale Umweltforschung GmbH
9   Link   Mid Wales Permaculture Network
What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a design approach based on observations of nature's systems. It is the conscious application of the principles of ecology to create sustainable human settlements.

Permaculture helps us to look at the world with a creative, positive and solutions-based approach; its insights can be applied in many contexts, such as in gardens, agriculture, communities and business.
10   Link   Ipogea Pietro Laureano
Ipogea is currently engaged in activities in the following fields:

- Master plans of parks and archeological sites;

- UNESCO World Heritage List management plans;

– Soil protection;

– Sustainable management of water resources;

– Application and dissemination of traditional techniques;

– Protection and enhancement of landscape;

– Landscape planning;

– Environmental restoration;

– Sustainable development;

– Ecosystem protection;

– Dissemination of know-how and capacity building;

– Enhancement of world heritage and cultural identity.

Ipogea has carried out the scientific coordination of three major European projects, and it is working for the UNDP Morocco on the study of an area of desert land and the creation of an eco-museum.

Ipogea’s general management approach is to encourage the full development of local skills and resources, and to inventory and enhance local archaeological, historical, environmental and traditional values.