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TOPIC: Ocean Towable Bladders (Plastic storage balloons)

Ocean Towable Bladders (Plastic storage balloons) 4 years 4 months ago #117

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Contact Terry: www.waterbag.com/


Terry Spragg of Manhattan Beach, California, is the inventor of the flexible fabric barge for the transportation of bulk fresh water and is the reason why his invention is referred to as the "Spragg Bag."4 His corporation consists of not only himself but engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other technical people. At first in the 1970s Spragg was a promoter of icebergs as a large source of fresh water, but soon realized this was impractical.5 He then put his skills into developing a new waterbag technology starting in the 1980s.3 Spragg has worked on and perfected this over the last twenty years with his associates. The first field test of his waterbag was in December 1990.6 The waterbag was 75 meters long (245 feet) and it contained approximately 3,000 cubic meters (792,517 gallons, U.S.) of fresh water. It was towed from the Port Angeles harbor in the state of Washington. Another test was done in 1996 with a 100-mile (160 km) voyage from Port Angeles to Seattle, Washington.7 Spragg says that his next goal is to run another test voyage demonstration between Northern and Southern California and a demonstration of the waterbag technology in the Middle East as well as around the world. There are various reasons why it has been difficult to gain support for demonstrating the viability of waterbag technology in California and around the world.89 Spragg claims when two waterbags pass underneath the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time in history the media will let the whole world know about it.101112 A novel, Water, War, and Peace, has been completed that details the solutions waterbag technology offers to the complex political problems surrounding water issues throughout the Middle East, the United States, and the world.1314

Another source:

Canflex “Sea Slug” Ocean Towable Bladders are normally used for oil spill recovery and temporary storage on water. However, the bladders are strong enough and can also be used for liquid storage on land.

Special material coatings are available for these bladders, which can be used in many environments, such as the storage and transport of Drinking water, Fuels or Waste products.

Canflex “Sea Slug” bladders are very rugged units with a cylindrical main body and matching conical ends giving them great towing characteristics.

Canflex superior engineering and design combined with the high strength coated fabrics used to manufacture its bladders allow the bladders to be used safely for training and practical applications over an unlimited time period.

Canflex's coated fabric materials are many times stronger than materials used by other towable bladder manufacturers. This material strength is critical for constructing a safe ocean towable bladder that can be filled, towed and off loaded repeatedly.

All products are Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Standard. Canflex (USA) Inc holds certificate No FM 517957

Sizes range from 5 to 650 m³ (1320 to 170,000 gallons).
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