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Gathering saplings from under parent trees

02/11/2007 13:25:20 »

My wife and I have Just been for a lovely walk with our dogs and planted 50 oak tree saplings which we tugged from under a parent tree that had self seeded, but the acorns fell on a grassed area frequently cut down so had no chance of survival beyond a few months. These rescued oaks were planted to replace many trees that had died or had been blown over, or in places where invasive species such as Rhododendron have been cleared so as to help our native tree species to get a foothold. In the same area there now stands an amazing woodland which used to be a barren field with poor top soil, we named it Peoplesfield after the large group of people who came to plant trees of their own when we asked the media to shout for volunteers.alt

These trees now stand 24 feet and have completely transformed the field into a magnificent native woodland and it didn’t cost anything from the people who planted seeds and saplings. It was great watching families arriving with a fist full of forest and a pocket full of acorns all those years ago. The smile on their faces radiated the whole of Torbay and many come back to see how their trees are fairing. My fathers ashes are scattered in this field.

Can I ask you to plant at least one tree during this Autumn, it is very easy to do and there are thousands of saplings waiting to be lifted and transported to a place where they can grow out of harms way.alt

We are losing our way somewhat in this Environmental path we now face, perhaps a few more trees might go a long way to addressing the billions of trees us Two Legged Termites have devoured in our lifetime?

Please go out today or over the weekend and plant a tree or maybe twenty. Now is the best time for planting, nice and wet and as the leaves fall the trees devote more attention to establishing roots.

Andrew K Fletcher