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Members of our team met in London at University College to discuss Operation OASIS

Left to right: Andrew K Fletcher, Robin Buller, John Aitken, Tristan Smith, Greg Peachey, Colm Bowe, Craig Embleton.


The discussion aimed to identify risks and establish a framework for moving forward.The input from the meeting proved to be of conderable value. The outcome was that we identified and established work packages to help share the workload throughout the team.


The meeting ran over it's alloted time by 1 hour and everyone agreed that we must find a way to bring this project to fruition.

Our main immediate objective is to seek International Partners in, Local community led agroforestry, Irrigation, Shipping, Water companies, Arid Coastal Land owners, Environmental groups, Oil Companies, Government Departments, and identify possible funding sources. We are curently persuing and E.U. application for funding our communications.


We need to establish a pilot project to demonstrate self sustaining agroforestry and anticipate a 4 kilometer strip of coastline will suffice to show that reforestation will induce additional rainfall and that trees will condense moisture from the increased humidity on the leaves and return it to the soil. Once Proof of concept is established Operation OASIS can be set up along the coastlines of many arid deserts.



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