Home FAQ How do we move the equipment and cargo from the ships onto the desert land?

How do we move the equipment and cargo from the ships onto the desert land?


Q How do we move the equipment and cargo from the ships onto the desert land?


A Ideally a permanent concrete docking facility would provide deep water access. Constructing such a platform would prove costly in the short term. Logically a floating platform, preferably a system that can be installed quickly to provide support for JCB and other heavy equipment and to support the loading / unloading of produce is absolutely essential to support this operation. We have sourced several x US Naval floating causeway systems at auction. These floating causeways can instantly provide access from ship to shore and are effectively a floating duel carriageway, capable of supporting the heavy diggers and dozer’s, required to construct buildings and install irrigation systems. This system also supports heavy lifting capacity for loading and unloading shipping, again X military equipment can be sourced providing governments with some financial returns from older equipment.


Scrap lorry tyres can be obtained free and stacked, interlinking them over steel piles driven into the ocean bed. Concrete from locally sourced sand and aggregate combined with cement can be poured into the horizontally placed tyres to construct a strong stable platform, reinforced by the rubber coated wire tyre rims. The outside of this structure would provide a soft buffer for shipping. Copyright: Andrew K Fletcher November 2010


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